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Water Bottle [Glass] – Pink Quartz (500 ML)


Body Material : Glass

Quantity: 500 ML

Crystal Type: Pink Quartz

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    ✔ Attraction  ✔ Love ✔ Intimacy

    Do you get enough of attention and feel the surge of affection and love from your beloved one? Pink quartz crystal seemingly fills  the serenity, peace and aura of love, trust and harmony in the person. It opens the gateway of love, romance and affection with the help of aligned heart chakra.

    The gravity of pink quartz pulls loving particles and assembles them in your soulmate, who you love.

    Rose Quartz is widely called the stone of Love and Heart universally and it helps restore harmony, allegiance, trust, and love in personal relationship. It benefits the person in meditation and yoga

    Apart from its beautiful appearance,Pink Quartz is extremely famous for its healing properties.

      • It fosters empathy, forgiveness and reconciliatory approach
      • It alleviates anger and brightens the loving energy and injects romance in relationship
      • Pink Quartz is used to heal ailments of the thymus, heart, and lung.
      • It also help person to release stress and pent up grief and emotions


    Note: Kindly note that the original product color might slightly differ from the photo shown above