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    The Orgonite stone is a combination of metal shaving, resin, and gemstones like Quartz crystal. It balances the electromagnetic fields, attracts Orgone energy, improves self-confidence, and curbs negative energy around you in the room. Positive energy can improve your motivation, sleep, focus, and overall health.

    What Is Orgonite?

    Orgonites are healing crystals with the ability to cleanse negative energy and bring harmony to different aspects of your life.

    This stone can improve you physically, spiritually, and emotionally. It is a mixture of organic resin and inorganic metal shavings.

    The stone is made up of Quartz crystal that has piezoelectric properties. In other words, the crystal gives a charge whenever it is under pressure. When the resin shrinks upon curing, constant pressure is put on the crystal.

    Accordingly, this constant attraction and repelling of energy amongst Orgonite’s elements creates a “scrubbing” effect. The stone gives off a charge, which then clears the stagnant energy and brings positive energy.


    What Is Orgonite Good For?

    You can place the Orgonite in your room, workplace and take it anywhere with you. It is meant to clear the unrequired energy and radiate the place with positive energy.

    Orgonite’s benefits are described below:

    Improves sleep
    Purifies the air
    Helps plants grow
    Reduces radiation from unneeded energy
    Balances moods
    Relieves stress
    Enhances psychological and spiritual well-being
    Decreases sensitivity to unbalanced forces


    Orgonite Benefits

    Besides the physical, emotional, and spiritual growth ignited by Orgonite, this organic stone has tons of physical and psychological benefits. Some of them are described below:

    It protects against negative energy and electromagnetic fields (EMFs)
    Technology exists all around you. From cell phones and WiFi connections to the coffee machine in your kitchen, your household is likely full of technological devices. These devices continuously expose you to electromagnetic fields (EMFs).

    Regular exposure to such fields can cause harmful effects such as depression, headaches, anxiety, and loss of libido. Orgonite can protect you from these negative energies by changing them to positive energy.

    It is a restorative aid for sleep
    By providing a more profound sense of healing, Orgonite devices can help you feel calm and poise. In this way, you can rest peacefully and without any worries.

    The Quartz crystal is valuable for plants
    As the stone curbs the stagnant negative energy in homes, a peaceful and sunny environment is curated, which is also helpful for plants and gardens. Orgonite purifies the living spaces while also detoxifying water.

    What Do Orgonite Pyramids Do?

    Orgonite pyramids have intense power that can bring harmony and positivity to your life. The pyramid can convert negative energy into positive while balancing your emotions, spiritual well-being, and physical health.

    How do you activate the Orgonite pyramid?

    Start by placing the pyramid in your hand. Meditate in any way that works for you. Make sure all your attention is directed towards the Orgonite crystal. Try your best to feel the pyramid and not just see it. Communicate your intentions and talk with the pyramid as if you are talking with a friend.

    Remember, every object, even the smallest of the subatomic particles in the world, has a conscience and a life force associated with it. The aim is to build a connection between the pyramid and your mind so that you can attain its healing powers.

    Where should I place my Orgonite pyramids?

    It would help to place the Orgonite pyramid in areas with lots of electronic items such as offices or kitchens. But you can also put it in meditation rooms or just about any place where you want to clear the negative energy (EMFs).

    You can also wear it as an Orgonite necklace, as the combination of gemstones and metals is the most powerful when they are in closer contact with the skin.

    If you want to purify or energize the water, you should place the stone next to the bottle or jug. You can also keep it under your bed if you are facing trouble sleeping. As a rule of thumb, it should be as close to you as possible.

    How To Use Orgonite Stones?

    The way Orgonite stones are used varies from one person to another. However, the main way to use the stone is to close your eyes and meditate with it, letting the energy flow. Here are some ways to use it:

    Meditate holding an Orgone pyramid

    You can stand in front of the pyramid and place your right palm directly over the top of the crystal. You can also meditate with the pyramid in your hand. With concentration and attention, you will feel raw energy flowing in. Orgone pyramids are known as natural amplifiers of spiritual energies.

    Speak to the pyramid and feel the Orgone energy

    Communicating with your Orgone pyramid is essential to build your relationship with it. Talk about the problems you are facing, your desires, and what you want in your life. You will be able to sort out your thoughts, find clarity, and feel the energy around you.

    Carry it with you wherever you go
    Wear it like a bracelet or as a necklace. Similar to an Orgone pyramid, the Orgonite stones or pyramids can help you radiate energy around you and feel happy. You will be able to stream through any situation in your life and have the clarity to deal with it.

    Does Orgonite need to be charged?

    To function effectively, the stone itself does not have to be charged, but you should charge the crystals inside the matrix or devices to attract and radiate the energy. You can charge the Orgonite pyramids by placing your hand on the fist, so your thumbs press against your fingers. As you exhale, the pyramid will be charged with Orgone energy.

    How To Tell If Your Orgonite Works?

    When you meditate carefully, and direct all your attention towards the Orgonite stone, you will feel energy trickling down your body. You will feel happier and peaceful, showcasing that it actually works.

    You can also perform some experiments to determine if your Orgonite is working or not. For instance, you can place it in your existing plant pots and then test the seed growth.